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About Us

Why Ques Answer Exists

Ques Answer started when we thought to let people to share and learn new stuff and to increase worlds knowledge every day. These days valuable knowledge is only available in people minds or known to only some people. Before days when there is no technology people used to form groups and used to discuss and discovers new things.

We want to create those days again. Here we connect people who need the knowledge to the people who have it. Bringing two different perspectives people together can inspire anyone to share their knowledge.

Community of Knowledge

In this special space, you are allowed to ask any questions to change your life, questions which affect the world, a question which makes people think differently. Ques Answer is a place to ask your billion-dollar questions to get the perfect answer. Your question doesn’t need a western or culture version and even right or left swings.

Ques Answer bring people together across the world to answer the same one in the same place and people can learn, share ideas and facts with each other.

Even experts are started to join Ques Answer and helping people in different fields. People can follow their favourite ones to get answers to their related interests. Ques Answer is increasing day by day. Every minute people across the world understanding how easy it is to share and learn knowledge at Ques Answer.

Mission and Vision

To produce an informative answer for anything and drawing on our community people personal experiences to share variety option based answers to your questions. You might be looking to get an answer which is based on people experience or factual one and the best comprehensive answers on the web. You know here we provide both.

Future of Ques Answer

Daily new people visiting our site. We are quickly expanded Ques Answer and becoming the best question and answer site. To become the biggest resource on the web we are continuously designing ways to make our site more engaging and exciting.

What Makes Us Different

Ques Answer  is free and also different in terms of knowledge to provide the answer. Our answers based on facts and provide ideas and opinions too. We are pretty much expansive and expanding. Like our users, we also love to learn. Our members are ready to help to get your answers. Get It a try.


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